📲Telegram Notification

To connect your Telegram bot to SSTrader:

  1. Go to "My Profile" in SSTrader.

  2. In the "Profile Menu", press "Pair" and enter the phone number where you want to receive notifications from the models.

  3. Confirm your phone number in Telegram.

4. In Telegram, send the command "/start" to @SSTradercom_bot. This will allow SSTrader to send notifications to your phone.

5. To test that everything is set up correctly, go to "My Profile" in SSTrader and click on your already connected Telegram. This will send a test message to your phone. If you receive the message, your Telegram is successfully connected to SSTrader.

Note: It is necessary to complete these steps because Telegram has spam protection measures in place. By following these steps, you can ensure that you will receive important notifications from SSTrader on your phone.

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