SSTrader Tutorial EN

Under/Over goals Market

If you want to create an Odds filter to track under/over 2.5 goals for a Live event, you can use the following settings:
First, select the Live events market and choose a bookmaker like Bet365 to monitor the chosen parameters.
Next, choose the "under/over" market and set the number of goals to 2.5.
You also have the option to specify which Total Goals line to follow by selecting either "Equal" or "Better than." If you choose "Equal," the system will only track the exact line of 2.5 goals for example.
If you choose "Better than," the algorithm will track lines equal to or better than 2.5 goals, such as lines of 2.25, 2.00, 1.75, or 1.5.
The filter will be activated when the odds are within a certain range, such as being greater than 1.80 and less than 2.00. This can help you track the markets that meet your desired criteria and make informed betting decisions.