🎁Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up SSTrader AI for Automatic Predictions on Telegram Channel

Step 1: Activate Your SSTrader Premium Account

  • Ensure you have an active premium account on SSTrader.com.

  • A premium account is essential to access the advanced prediction models.

Step 2: Connect Telegram to Receive Signals

  • Follow the instructions provided in this Telegram Notification to connect your Telegram account.

  • This step is crucial for receiving signals from your prediction models.

Step 3: Create and Choose Quality Prediction Models

  • When creating prediction models, consider the frequency of activation to avoid spamming your community.

  • Select only the highest-quality models for best results.

  • Need help? Contact us on Telegram at user: SSTrader.

Example of a Prediction Model for Over 0.5 HT :

Step 4: Add SSTrader AI Bot to Your Channel

  • Enable 'Sign Messages':

    • Go to Telegram, navigate to 'Manage your Channel', and ensure 'Sign Messages' is turned ON.

Add the Bot

Activate the Bot

  • Type and send /start in your channel.

  • You should receive a confirmation message: "I found your account. You are now ready to provide great predictions with AI."

Step 5: Set the Language for Predictions

  • To cater to specific language preferences, create the model name and description in the desired language.

  • For instance, if your community is Italian, name and describe the model in Italian.

  • Example in Italian: Name - "Over 0.5 goals for Half time", Description - "LANG: Italian

That's It! Your AI-Powered Prediction System is Ready!

Congratulations, you've successfully set up the SSTrader AI for live football predictions in your Telegram channel. Now, you have a powerful tool to engage your community with high-quality, automated sports insights.

Contact us

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, we're here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at marketing(at)SSTrader.com.

Additionally, you can join our Telegram group for more direct support and updates: https://t.me/+BZzI5UJ8bNw3YTg0.

Thank you for choosing SSTrader AI. We're excited to be a part of your journey in enhancing your community's experience with cutting-edge sports predictions.

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