Football Pro

Football Pro gives you access to a unique dashboard where you can follow real-time odds, detailed statistics, and analysis for every match. The dashboard brings all of this information together in a modern, convenient, and fast way.


In the "Stats" section, you can choose which statistics you want to see for live matches. You can choose from a range of main statistics such as shots, attacks, cards, corners, etc. Once you have selected your criteria, the statistics will be displayed in the right part of the toolbar and will show the current statistics at that moment.


There is also a Time Range option that allows you to filter and see matches in a specific time frame. For example, if you want to see matches that are between 30 and 70 minutes from their start, you can enter a Time Range of 30-70min and only see matches in this time frame.

The Stats Difference option allows you to easily see the difference in statistical indicators between the two teams. Any statistical indicator where the difference between the two teams is more than 3.1 times will be colored red.

Here's an example: Team El Obour Sporting has a total of 8 shots, and team Kahraba Ismailia has 0 shots. The difference in shots between the two teams is more than 3.1 times, so this indicator is colored red to highlight the significant difference. The specific values used to determine when an indicator is colored red are set by default, but you can easily adjust them to your preference by changing the settings.

Here are also four additional filtering options:

  • Only show matches where the score is 0-0

  • Only show matches where the result is equal (0-0; 1-1; 2-2, etc.)

  • Only show matches where the Home team leads

  • Only show matches where the Away team leads

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