🤩Example of a Live Prediction Model Using SSTrader.com's Features

In this example, we will create a live prediction model for soccer matches using SSTrader.com's features. The model will focus on metrics such as shots in the last 10 minutes, momentum shifts, and other relevant in-game statistics.

Define your filters

  1. Begin by selecting the key filters you would like to use in your model. For this example, we will use the following filters:

    • Home team shots in the last 10 minutes

    • Away team shots in the last 10 minutes

    • Dangerous attacks for both teams

    • Substitutions

    • Yellow and red cards

    • Goals scored

Set filter thresholds

  1. Establish the threshold values for each filter that will trigger an alert. For example, you could set the following thresholds:

    • Home team shots in the last 10 minutes: ≥ 4

    • Away team shots in the last 10 minutes: ≤ 1

    • Substitutions: At least one recent substitution made by the home team

    • Yellow and red cards: No recent cards for the home team, at least one recent card for the away team

    • Goals scored: Match tied or home team trailing by one goal

Create your live prediction model

Using SSTrader.com's platform, input the filters and thresholds you've defined to create your custom live prediction model.

Example: Prediction model for Over 0.5 HT

  1. Monitor and receive alerts: Once your model is set up, SSTrader.com will monitor live soccer matches and send you an alert when a game meets all the specified filter thresholds.

Example Situation:

Suppose a soccer match is tied 1-1 with 20 minutes remaining, and the home team (Team A) has been consistently applying pressure and creating scoring opportunities. In the last 10 minutes, Team A has taken 5 shots, while the away team (Team B) has only managed 1 shot. The dangerous attacks in favor of Team A show a difference of 4, and Team A recently made a substitution to bring on an attacking player. Team B has received a yellow card in the last few minutes, while Team A has not received any cards.

In this scenario, your live prediction model would trigger an alert, suggesting that this might be an opportunity to bet on Team A to score the next goal or win the match. By utilizing the in-game statistics and filters provided by SSTrader.com, you can create custom prediction models to identify valuable betting opportunities in real-time.

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