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SSTrader’s customizable settings extend beyond creating basic models. Its advanced suite of features allows users to create detailed statistical combinations, honing their betting strategies with precision. Let's delve into the different indicators that you can incorporate into your model:

1. Shots Total, On Target, Off Target: Analyze the number of shots made by each team, including those that hit the target and those that didn't. This data can offer insights into a team's attacking efficiency and potential scoring opportunities.

2. Attacks and Dangerous Attacks: Reviewing these metrics can reveal which team is putting the most pressure on their opponents, indicating a higher likelihood of scoring.

3. Corners: The number of corners won can be an indirect indicator of a team's attacking pressure.

4. Possession of the Ball: A team's possession percentage can show their control over the game. However, it's worth noting that data for this indicator might not be available for lower leagues.

5. Yellow and Red Cards: Analyzing the number of disciplinary actions can provide insights into the match's dynamics, such as aggressive play or potential player dismissals.

6. Substitutions: Substitutions can change the course of the game, as fresh legs or tactical changes can turn the tides in a team's favor.

7. Goals: The fundamental metric of the game. Keeping track of goals scored can inform decisions like betting for the comeback or safe-guarding the lead.

8. Penalties: Penalties can dramatically change a match's outcome, and being aware of them is crucial.

9. The SSTrader Index: This tool, unique to SSTrader, provides an overall assessment of a team's performance based on real-time statistics, giving you an edge in your predictions.

You can choose to use these indicators individually or in combination for one or both teams, presenting a world of customization possibilities.

For instance, you might set a filter for matches where the total number of shots for the trailing team is 5 or more after the last goal scored, and the trailing team accounts for 80% of those shots. This scenario suggests that the trailing team is dominating in attacking, possibly indicating a higher likelihood of them scoring next.

To enhance the granularity of your model, SSTrader also allows you to track statistics based on different time periods. You can choose to analyze statistics for the Full Match, First Half Only, Second Half Only, the last 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes, or even since the last Red Card. This flexibility allows you to create a highly detailed model that keeps track of the markets that best meet your criteria.

With SSTrader, you have the tools to refine your sports betting model to the smallest details, opening up avenues to not just bet, but bet smarter.

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